Proxy Hacks – I.(Updated) Blocked at workplace? Setting up a home proxy. Browse all blocked sites and run all messengers.

This post is about setting up a secure SSH tunnel and make sure its difficult to be blocked. This solution needs a public PC which is in our control.

The *often* faster Proxy , if you use a configuration script to connect

A typical scenario is one where we are required to use a HTTP proxy for all our internet traffic. Ideally for a large organization there would an automatic configuration script which would let you get an “ideal” proxy for your specific subnet and location.

Normally, the most resolved proxy is often the slowest one. So, If you go get your configuration script file and have a close look, you will most probably find a backup default proxy (at the end), which for my case has been faster of the lot.

Let’s do it

How they block ’em

Often we find sites, applications blocked at workplaces. Let’s first try to understand how they normally do it. I believe most common method is URL filtering. One such most used filtering tool is SmartFilter. The basic technology is to subscribe to a third party database of global list of websites. These lists are dynamically updated downloaded and categorized and filtered. So definitely fells in category, “Dating and Relationship”.

Common Solutions

  1. One common solution is to go through commonly available CGI/PHP based web proxy
  2. Sometimes, static pages can be rendered by ipaddress.
  3. Google cached pages often work for static content.
  4. Use public proxies. [Preferably avoid.]

Normally all of above methods are not so effective most of the times. Moreover a cgi web proxy is often blocked and you risk loosing sensitive information to the hoster.

Lets do it ourselves

Opening up ports at your home router

Browse to your router homepage and NAT some ports to your machine. Router page is mostly your http://<default-gateway&gt;. Port Required = 443

For e.g. On airtel 220BX router, I’d browse to http://<IP>/main.html and open up port 443, under Advanced Setup -> NAT -> Virtual servers category. Or you can give your PC ip in DMZ host address. Although this is considered unsafe but If you feel your machine is well protected, you can go for it. I have been DMZing for 2 years without any issues. But ofcourse I dont use Windows at home 🙂 But I feel these days a patched Win XP machine is safe enough. Nor do we we see any remotely exploitable zero day vulns these days. So let me say DMZing is safe for now.

Creating a public name

Create a free account at Browse to My servcies and click “Add Host Services” and create an address for yourself. For e.g. I am, Leave everything as it is. You might check the wildcard ,” Yes, alias *.hostname.domain to same settings.” if you plan to add more machines to this domain, For e.g. (using a domain controller may be ..) Anyways, we are done here.

Again quickly, browse to your router page, Find out heading ,”Dynamic DNS” under DNS category. Add a dynamic DNS, with hostname and username/password.

– If you cant find this, then you’d probably need a dyndns client, as this one. I use “inadyn” for linux.

Once you are done, go here, check whether your machine is pinging by hostname on port 443.

For e.g. when I ping on port 443, I get

Scanning ports on ( is responding on port 443 (https)."

All set!! For better control, set up our own secure proxy server.

We are going to do it over SSH. Man I just love ssh, such a beautiful thing.

Requirements: A PC, Internet Connection with a public IP

The trick is HTTP proxies* normally allow HTTPS communication, so we are going to set up our server on port 443. So if you can access, You are good to go. Further we are going to tunnel our “blocked traffic” over ssh.

Get openssh server from here. Install it, and set up users by going through Quickstart.txt Just two commands as:

<Opnessh_path>\bin\mkpasswd.exe -l <Opnessh_path>\etc\passwd

<Opnessh_path>\bin\mkgroup.exe -l <Opnessh_path>\etc\passwd

  • Edit Program Files\OpenSSH\etc\sshd_config
  • Uncomment “# Port 22” to “Port 443”
  • Restart service , net stop opensshd and net start opensshd


Do the following, if you also want to control access to your proxy. I have created separate guest account to access SSH, and sometimes I want to access control usage of my proxy server, such as maximum connections allowed.

Now we are going to setup a proxy on this system. This helps us in tracking/control the outside usage. Use ccproxy (free upto three connections) on windows. Download the installer and install it. I use tinyproxy or polipo on Ubuntu.

Run ccproxy and set your preferred ports in Options and say Hide.


Take on your grim smiling face 8) and rush office. You are done here.

At Office

Grab the putty client.

There are a million things that you can do with this tool. But more on Putty in another session.

Set the following parms:

Hostname = Your public name (

Port = 443

Browse to proxy setting, Select HTTP proxy, Specify proxy credentials. Now the default Telnet command should be: connect %host %port\n You might try changing it to: %user\n%pass\nconnect %host %port\n if former doesn’t work.

Now go to, heading “Tunnels” under category SSH. We will add a new tunnel now,

There are two possible tunnels here :

1. If you did the optional, (setting up a home proxy)
Source port = 12345 (any port this is on your local machine)
Make sure the checkbox *local* is checked.
Destination = localhost:8080 (Make sure the port here is same as one you ran your CCproxy/home proxy on)
We have just forwarded(tunneled) localport 12345 to remote proxy port on your home machine.

– Using a dedicated proxy @ home for outside world helps in better control and tracking of what’s going out and coming in.


2. Source port = 12345(Any)
Destination = Empty
Choose “Dynamic” among, “Local”, “Remote” and “Dynamic”.

– Use this one, if you want to pretty much use it for yourself, you can get along easily by setting up a socks proxy. But the problem here is not every program supports a Socks proxy. e.g.Opera

Click ADD. Make sure both checkboxes for Port forwarding are un-checked. Else you have just created a public proxy for your LAN. (Danger!!)

Click on Session and Save the settings under some name. Click Open.

You should be asked a username, password. Give local administrator account credentials for your machine. [Since we did mkpasswd -l , so local account should work].

What ? You are done man! Open on Firefox, rush to Network settings and use

1. HTTP Proxy – > proxyhost = localhost, port = 12345. , If you used the first kind of tunnel, i.e. you set up a home proxy as well.

2. Socks proxy – > proxyhost = localhost, port = 12345. , If you used second kind of tunnel, without the home proxy. In this case, make sure you leave all other proxies blank.

You can run any application that supports communication through a proxy – GoogleTalk, YMsgr, Nything!! 🙂

This can be a safe way of tunneling your way out. All your traffic is encrypted and it will take a dedicated soul to find out what you are up to.

Don’t hesitate asking any doubts, questions.

Coming up. Proxy hacks part 2. Host file servers inside LAN behind proxy.

Also have a look at Proxy Hacks – IV to set up a much simpler web based proxy

The End Word

– Respect your work-place rules. As I told you, a dedicated soul will find what you are up to.

– And now the bad news, this wont through all proxies. You may find yourself wanting in following situations.

a. SysAdmin may some how block port 443(Damn!) over HTTP proxy.

b. He may block HTTP_CONNECT(Doh!) feature of the proxy. This is used to forward encrypted connections. Putty relies upon the same method.

c. Also he may detect/differentially block packets from putty(NOO!!). [Yes, doable. e.g. putty packets are without HTTP headers. Although there are other applications also without these headers so this cant be basis of detection. ]

d. Or in the end, he might just take away your internet connection 😉 .

And the good news, All of above are still breakable through some more tools (‘man httptunnel’ 😉 ). Will write about it as soon as I find time. So lets hold our heads high, and say “Bring it On, You punk!! ” 🙂 Of course, just make sure you don’t get fired. 😉 Prevention is always better than cure.

63 Responses to “Proxy Hacks – I.(Updated) Blocked at workplace? Setting up a home proxy. Browse all blocked sites and run all messengers.”

  1. Debasish Says:

    will it work for orkut?

  2. kx Says:

    Yea, It will work for orkut.

  3. Debasish Says:

    ok thanx!

  4. maverikpro Says:

    dude, i have hosted jboss at 8080 and when i go to port scanner. it scans 8080 but i m not able to oipen jboss UI whn usin url :

    wat cud b the reason ?

    PS: i have added a virtual server entry in my router for 8080

    incase of 443, i m not able to scan using port scanner
    I did add an entry in my router
    and also put my host in DMZ
    should i play with some firewall settings ?

  5. kx Says:

    Make sure, you put your PC IP in DMZ host. Otherwise, It must be your firewall. Are you using any firewall. Even windows firewall is enough to block it.

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  7. hunter013 Says:

    is there any way i could do this at skool?

  8. kx Says:

    Yea, if you have a spare PC/internet connection at home. Just go through the guide and post if you face any problems.

  9. edioooo Says:

    alright.. so for setting up my browser for browsing at Uni, all I have to do is give an address to the automatic proxy setting. So yea, it’s in this post, rite? But my main question is, how does this actually work? My home net connection has a download limit hence I want to download (torrents) from Uni, so will this affect my home connection? Like, use up any amount of my download limit?

  10. edioooo Says:

    oh yea.. btw, I need to connect to a VPN client too! so, will this still work? cos what you’re doing is tunneling all the info thru like, ONE port, no?
    Well, reasons for wanting to download (torrents) from Uni are:
    1. VERY FAST net connection
    2. Not using up my download limit at home

    So can your “Proxy Hacks” help me with this?

  11. kx Says:

    1. Download Limit : You need to be more careful now, as whatever you download through the tunnel will show up as twice the data you actually downloaded. [Your machine downloads it and then uploads it.]

    2. VPN : If you just use VPN to remote desktop into a machine in the univ LAN, then you can do it using a reverse tunnel as demonstrated in Proxy hacks – II.

    Problem with conventional VPNs is that they keep you in one network. For e.g. as soon as you VPN into univ LAN, you will get a univ IP and you can no longer use your *base* internet connection. All connections are tunneled from univ to your PC over your base connection.

    – A solution to above is to use an alternate 2-way VPN solution – Hamachi. Its a clean way of forming a virtualized LAN over WAN. The two machines on internet can talk as if they are in LAN. And ofcourse this works over proxy.

    3. Torrents : I am afraid, that’s not easy for conventional torrents. You will have to find torrents that have been seeded over HTTP. Google HTTP Seeding.

    Sometimes, if you can have a SOCKS proxy in your LAN, you can use your home proxy for tracker communication and LAN proxy for peer communication. This works because most of the times “well known trackers” are URL blocked through your conventional socks proxy but peer commnunications are not.

  12. hunter013 Says:

    but what if i don’t have internet AT home? there’s no way i can do this at skool then?

  13. ediooo0 Says:

    Ok, so… this won’t work for me then I guess.
    Lol! Also, I only need to connect to VPN if i’m using my own laptop using wireless. If I plug it in direct to LAN, then there’s no need to connect into VPN, only need to set up my browser to go to the automatic scripting page. Maybe I’ll look into http seeding options. Thanks! 🙂

  14. johnjalani Says:

    hi iam john,
    im not really this kind of a programmer or hacker wiz but i have some idea on basics.
    i just like to enumerate this Lesson I of your for me to clear up my mind if i really
    understand your teachings here in your lesson I.

    Before anything else i would like to say that i dont have a PC at HOME!
    but i made a remedy on it, i will used a computer in the computer Cafe as alternative to
    the idea of having a PC with an Internet connection at home.

    but i have some questions:
    First: will it work?
    Second: How about if the PC in the Cafe is ShoutDown? what will happens?
    Third: what do you think are the disadvantages of using the PC from a Computer Cafe?
    Forth: if ever there are some problems, what are the possible solutions?

    that’s all for now, so i just start enumerating all what i learn here in you lesson I.

    Please correct me if im wrong.OK

    Step I: Opening up Ports at your Home (in my case Computer Cafe)

    ?????? i dont know how!!!hehehe by the way, the owner of the Computer Cafe
    is not really related to me so i think i would NOT able to know this “Router Page”, etc.
    but if you know a solution for that, may be its better if you can share it to me.

    Step II: Creating a public name

    i already made this from DYNDNS.ORG. my account Hostname is “”
    Question? i signup for a free account from DYNDNS.ORG, it said that it has a limit of 5 host.
    how about the amount of connection/or technically the what so called Bandwidth, is there also a limit?
    i haven’t tried to PING it from the Online Port Scanner.

    Step III: Setting up my own secure proxy server
    your requirements are a PC (from a computer cafe), internet connection with public IP (what do you mean by public IP?)
    Setting up the server port to 443? how?

    i already have the “OpenSsh Server” then i install it, of course
    then i open the Quickstart.txt, i follow the instruction like this:
    open the Command Promt.
    Question? you put a Dos command here in your lesson I page. which is not so identical to the one in the Quickstart.txt,
    which of the tw0 should i follow?

    then open the sshd_config, uncomment “# Port 22” then make it “Port 443” and let the rest as is!

    then restart the service by going to the Command Promt and then type “net stop open sshd” and then
    “net start opensshd”

    then download a proxy software (e.g. ccproxy which is free up to three connection? what does it mean?)
    i have search for free proxy and i get these: Freeproxy 3.92.1637, Intelligent Ports 1.0 , etc.
    is it fine to used them?

    then install the Proxy Server, configure all apropriate settings like Port then “say hide”?
    you mean push a button the says Hide?

    them i smile like a grim face? is that badly needed? anyways even it is not, i would say i still do it.:)

    Step IV At the office

    get the putty client, set the following parameters:

    Hostname = (which i made)
    Port = 443
    select the HTTP Proxy on the Tree nodes, then make sure the telnet command is set.
    then go the Tunneling under SSH. adding up a tunnel

    source port = 2323 (this is the port i choice)
    distination = localhost:8080 (same thing as i set from the proxy server from the PC in the Computer Cafe,ryt?)
    click ADD, and port forwarding shouldn be uncheck.

    click on Session and save the setting on my preffered filename. then click OPEN.

    Question? you said that it will ask a username and password. what kind of window will
    popup for this username and password to show? and from what username and password will i type?

    Step V open the firefox, go to network setting set the proxy hostname (which is “”)
    and the port (2323 which i mention from Step IV in source port,ryt?)

    then i can install any messenger like YMsgr, etc. and do the same setting i made from firefox so this
    messenger will work.

    and them my favorite “make a grim smile” 🙂

    please correct me if i made in some wrong procedures from any Step’s i type in.

    thanks for this Lesson, im sure many people who are blocked will really be happy for this, like me.! 🙂

    if you have a second lesson, i also have a second comment, lol,

    wait for it on the = Proxy hacks – II. “Listen” inside a LAN. Setup servers inside LAN, behind proxy.
    thanks again, hope you reply soon!!!!

  15. Kx Says:

    @ johnjalani
    Hi, I have replied to your post through email .. If your requirement is just to browse www, you might want to have a look here. Sorry for the late reply as I was on vacation.

  16. est Says:

    Hi, may I ask how to disable Polipo’s cache feature completely? I tried using LastFM via Polipo HTTP proxy, but after playing music for minutes Last.FM will display “403 invalid ticket”. I think this error has something to do with Polipo’s cache.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Kx Says:

    Have a look here : , This looks like a server problem ?

    Try using some other proxy like tinyproxy ?

    I am very sure “tinyproxy” does not do any sort of caching and I often find it faster for music streaming purposes. Although its not supposed to be scalable as polipo.

    Regarding polipo, I cant find anything related to disabling caching.

    Have a look here They discuss a few issues. In one issue “The site I’m trying to access doesn’t work with Polip”, they do give a workaround by setting “dontCacheRedirects” and “dontCacheCookies” in /etc/polipo/config to true. Also creating a file polipo-uncachable with some content. Please have a look there.

    However, here’s a script that can trim polipo cache.

    May be you can run it periodically forcefully clean the cache.

    Thanks for coming ..

  18. est Says:

    Thank you! I’ll try tinyproxy.

    Regarding LastFM, it’s playing all right without proxy, but 403 error with Polipo. Often I got 403 error from some webpages via Polipo.

  19. Akky Says:

    hey!! i hve tried 2 apply this settin 2 my home PC.. when i put my default Ip e.d http://172****** its asking user name password 😦 wht shud i do nw?

    Well i want open my port ..i m usin cable network on lan with static ip which i shud apply in ma explorer setting for browsing other wise i cant brows…There are alot of applications are blocked i want to use torrent applicationi it dosnt work with me how cud i open ports plzzzzz reply me if u can reply in email it would be better for me Thanks

  20. jck Says:

    im my hostel im behind a http proxy
    and i dont have acces to any comp with net then what do i do?

  21. Aquarius Says:

    My antivirus (NOD) said, that ccproxy has Trojan horse inside (Win32/Genetik)

  22. shadit Says:

    Kx, I’ve been kinda struggling at this. Your guide and help is great. I’ve setup a host at dyndns..i’ve place this in my netgear wgt624 dynamic dns option. I can ping and ports seem open. But I’m just honestly stuck on some things. i know I’m close but I’m not sure what to put where now. I dont’ want to make things worse but I’m basically on comcast at home…have multiple systems at home. But at work, I’m behind the “wall”. I’d like to be able to get to my home machine for remote control and i’d like to be able to get to some of my news pages without the firewall telling me i cant because of violence. Can we establish an email or IM link? I’m available anytime an I do appreciate your help

  23. Kx Says:

    This is assuming, you have a public IP.

    You must be having a comcast router/modem, which you much have connected to your wireless router.

    So you will need to open up ports at two places, – One at your comcast modem, another at your wireless router ….
    —————— ————————————-
    Comcast — 3389 : 3389 —–> Wireless Router 3389 : machineX’s 3389
    —————— ————————————-

    Once, you are confident that you have achieved it. Go to this url,

    And scan for port you just opened on your router, If that port is up on your machine and your setup is complete, you should see that port detected as open by the web page.

    Ping me if you have any doubts.

    Once you have a live port, we’ll see how to access that from your office 🙂

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  26. person Says:

    me remember you ,you remember me ?

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  28. Avinash Says:

    “Browse to your router homepage and NAT some ports to your machine. Router page is mostly your http://. Port Required = 443″

    can u explain this part with little more elaboration i am a newbee and i tried putting my gateway ip but it didnot open

    PS: I have cisco router

  29. Kx Says:

    You need to add some NAT configurations such that ports on your router get translated to your machine.
    For e.g. here you have, set up your open ssh server at port 443, Then you need to forward port external port 443 on your router to your machine port 443

    Sthing like, 443 -> : 443 where is IP of your machine.

  30. Joel Says:

    Is there something I can do if I have no public IP?


  31. ming Says:

    how can i access my default-gateway………its has a password. is there any other way of creating a listening port in LAN?

  32. GLOBAL CENSORSHIP « Desertpeace Says:

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  33. mraven Says:

    its useless , no matter wat i try nuthin works
    evrythins blocked , the torrents , the voip
    need help

  34. kallal Says:

    I am a novice in this worl of experts.
    But I need some help.

    I am in a office network, my pc (XP SP2) uses as defaoult gateway to connect to the network. My dns is
    I cannot connect to yahoo messenger, and cannot use bittorrent by ares or opera. I need them to collect some books mainly.

    Who would kindly help me? Please.

    • Kx Says:

      Hi, the methods mentioned above require a machine having unrestricted internet outside your office.
      Can you let us know whether you use a proxy to connect to websites ?

  35. Vizud Says:

    Hello, currently I am using a proxy website to connect to websites ( My school uses websense to block websites. Will using this guide let me connect to messenger on my laptop at school?

  36. sammy Says:

    the dyndns updater is not able to resolve hosts althought i hv made a hostname at dyndns ….

  37. gIRI Says:

    dude i have tried ur steps in my colz ,as our colz server and it was giving an error proxy server timedout

  38. UniPanzer Says:

    Or, you can just subscribe to a mobile broadband service (3G, etc) and connect through that… At least you’d be doing it with your own money… haha

  39. isilyen Says:

    the first step itself shows me “access” denied

    as in i typed in

  40. Djmutant Says:

    Hello All

    well had read all the previous posts and the posted article, but i havent got ny solution, idenefying that if i cannot connect to my Router then how to set the port? i can access internet but few sites blocked specially torrents. i am in a office environment, and want to use bittorrents, can any one suggest a solution for that i can bypass the existing proxy and be able to use a torrent client, if any one can help i be greatly thankful


  41. Thomas Says:

    Hi there!

    first of all let me thank you for all this info man, it’s great!

    I’ll describe my situation: I work at a world wide company, I have a internet at home, I have a router (wich was provided by the company that gives me the internet proxy, it was “bloked” but I was able to get the admin password and made a Full Bridge on it, I don’t really know what that means but I’ve got the ports unlocked so I can make full downloads).

    this is the deal on my work. I was taken off my admin priviliges (non coorpartive ways), so one of the all things I cannot do is change the proxy server… I can but they don’t work. what I do is to use firefox wich was not edited on regedit or whatever… I use this proxy on IE: w2gmprxy2… I investigated that and found that this is running trough CCproxy. where me and my mates are being spyed and bloked with non coorporative ways. no license for the soft. no nothig. I’m really upset.

    so now is were I try to apply your magic haha.
    I want to use my home internet connection at work, with out changeing the configuration of the IE (but I can change firefox).

    wich of the steps you described I have to follow?

    * Opening up ports at your home router
    *Creating a public name
    and that will simply do the trick?

    thanks a lot !

  42. Rahul Says:

    OK. Kx will u help me out…………….. I am using airtel to access internet………..I found that using HTTP CONNECT method over airtel’s “” access point does not deduct monety. But all ports r blocked except 443 & 563. So I want some public proxy servers which run on port 443/563. If u would give me account of ur SSH server I would be extremely thankfull 2 u.

  43. Chris Says:

    Small hitch right at the end of the setup.

    Everything should be good to go but I am getting a protocol mismatch between SSH and OpenSSH:

    SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.1 Protocol mismatch.

    The message shows up in net browser.

  44. sebeng Says:

    hi guys..nice sharing.. but i stuck at the early to i know router page?.. i not clearly how to get gateway ip.. now, i’m use internet at my university…hope u can help me..^^

  45. Jan Says:

    Hats off to your old posts, but still proves very very useful. Works like a charm.

  46. Nit Says:

    when i open the saved session, there is an error
    Network error:connection refused
    please help

  47. hi Says:

    You did explain how to set up things behind http proxy, when i have another machine with internet connection that doesnot block them.. right?

    The thing is i am (my pc is) behind a colzs http proxy and i dont have any other machine with internet connxn. how can i download a torrent when this is the situation.
    my router even asks for password when i wanted to nat the ports on it..

  48. Hardik Says:

    First of all Thanx kx for this wonderful post
    my college uses proxy connection and i use it via wifi
    now as u have said
    “”Browse to your router homepage and NAT some ports to your machine. Router page is mostly your http://. Port Required = 443″”

    now when i try my gateway which is
    but it shows me the page

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Test Page

    This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly.

    If you are the website administrator:

    You may now add content to the directory /var/www/html/. Note that until you do so, people visiting your website will see this page, and not your content. To prevent this page from ever being used, follow the instructions in the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf.

    You are free to use the image below on web sites powered by the Apache HTTP Server:


    Now what should i have to do if i want to access the router

  49. Kx Says:

    This typically means that your gateway is a Linux server, probably also used as DNS server etc. This means that the router is further ahead, which means that you are out of luck unless you have access to this machine.

  50. Roshan patel Says:

    Is this information about working from home? I would like to join please

  51. George Says:

    Ok. im a clueless kid.. bt i have a simple question. on my phone if i get a message via facebook or a chat system i can find the other persons proxy correct? If so.. how?

  52. rocky Says:

    sir we currently live in college hostel who blocked the downloading with idm or any downloader and also from any torrent client i.e. either utorrent or any other. How could we cope out this problem?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    i didnt get this method by the way is this about using ur home net connection at your workplace i want a way to over come the blocks of website at my college net using that only as it is fast also i have a netconnect+ at home so no such router home page…Also utorrent (3rd party applications)
    has been banned at my college how do i overcome it

  54. Radon_the_hacker Says:

    dude how can i access torrents in my college LAN …… please tell me and i would be the happiest person!!! 😉

  55. Gaurav Goswami Says:

    I am trying to follow your method of setting up home proxy and I have some confusion. There are 2 questions also as I am not able to succeed with the steps. Actually I don’t have any router or LAN connection in my home. At home, I use an MTS MBlaze USB Modem which is a plug and play device(Dial-Up Connection). So, I am unable to carry on with the first step, I don’t have any config page for my USB Modem in which I can unblock any Port(here, 443). Secondly, while creating a Dynamic DNS (public name), I encountered a confusion, please help me clearing it out. It goes like this, whenever I connect(Dial Up) my USB Modem to Internet, I get a different public IP address every time(when I check it on google, doing whatismyip) and at that time only when I check the IPv4 details of my modem from cmd->ipconfig, I get a different IPv4 address which doesn’t match the public IP at all and that IPv4 address changes too every time I connect to Internet. Also, the default gateway is always For updating my DNS, I am using a client, that’s not any matter but the confusion in about IPs which I have mentioned, please clear it. Also, when I go to your stated link to check ports, it says that isn’t responding on port 443. The second question is about creating SSH server. See, seriously, I tried a lot but I can’t get OpenSSH to work at all, I end up with “The service could not be started” every time. So, the question is… can I use a software like freeSSHd or Bitvise to create my SSH Server, if yes, what would be the steps?? Please, please, please clear out the doubts, they’re killing me… A million thanks to you in advance.

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  57. Anonymous Says:

    My Uni’s wifi doesn’t let me download using IDM(Internet Download Manager)
    Any solution???

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