Proxy hacks – III. Downloading Torrents inside LAN, behind proxy.

Ok guys, I am back with my daily ‘durty’ trick. Today we are going to download torrents inside a LAN where access to outside world is only through an HTTP proxy (most common scenario).

My next post is going to be about how to optimize your torrents downloads. So this post seemed logical as we moved form SSH to torrents. In our previous posts, we created a normal forward tunnel and a reverse tunnel and used them to unblock websites and to create a listening port inside LAN. This post revolves around dynamic tunnel. (A socks PROXY)

Trivia : Did you know Opera has an in-built torrent client.

Torrents is my preferred means of downloads. Torrents are a best helpful means for small websites to distribute big files. Everyone knows bandwidth costs money. Many open source Distros primarily rely upon torrents to be distributed. I believe its a perfect “Give and Take” model and is the future of distribution. Anyone can setup a tracker service and manage torrent distribution (unlike Gnutella and eDonkey).

Again, our aim is not to actually somehow download torrents at our workplaces. This would be illegal at most places. All we are discussing here is again power of SSH. Everything said/done here is for knowledge purpose.

OK. Lets download some torrents. Again, this post assumes that you have already set up your infrastructure from my previous post. This means, your are listening well on port 443. Please remember that this is our port of choice as we are doing all communication over HTTP proxy. Its a simple TIT for TAT solution. 😉

OK, this one is pretty simple. All you have to do is, add one more tunnel to your existing session putty session. Create this tunnel as follows:

Source port: 23456 (Any, Your favorite number?)

Type = Dynamic. ( Note that last two times we created Local and Remote tunnels )

Putty config

Save session and open connection. We have just created a dynamic Socks proxy at port 23456.

Now open your preferred torrent client. I normally use

  • Azureus(Anywhere with lot of RAM,Overall best)
  • Deluge(Gnome, CPU issues)
  • Ktorrent(KDE)
  • uTorrent (Anywhere, Best client for less RAM).

Now open your client options and browse to connections settings and specify a socks proxy to be used. Make sure, you specify to use socks proxy even for peer 2 peer communication if such setting is there.

Done!! 🙂 Grab the torrent file and load it in. Give that grim smile 8) and enjoy.

Important for half download speeds: Make sure that you keep torrent upload rate as low as possible while doing this, because whatever is being downloaded at home is finally being uploaded to your office connection. For e.g. if your bandwidth is 256kbps upstream. And you are uploading torrents at 15KBps, you can only download torrents at 15KBps at office. Simple maths. Also keeping very low upload speeds would also deteriorate download speeds. So for e.g., keep upload speed at 5KBps, and you will easily get 25KBps for download at office on a 256kpbs bandwidth.

You are all welcome to posts your comments/questions on SSH series of post (3 of them). Also let me know any future topics of discussions.

52 Responses to “Proxy hacks – III. Downloading Torrents inside LAN, behind proxy.”

  1. Amit Says:

    dude, write some non-technical articles for your non-hackerz frenz. 🙂

  2. Sachin Says:

    Hi Friend, I am stuck with the similar problem. I could not understand your solution since its too technical for me. Can you explain in a lucid manner.

  3. kx Says:

    @ Sachin
    This solution involves, tunnelling all your traffic from an off-site PC(say your home PC). First you SSH into your home PC and then tunnel all your traffic through it. So first requirement is a home PC with a public IP.
    It looks like you are on a reliance mobile connection. If you get a public IP, I dont see you facing any problems downloading torrents without any *fix*.

  4. raja musharraf Says:

    if i download torrents using the tunnelling method,will it effect the download limit of my internet connection.

  5. Kx Says:

    Yes, You would be doing double the traffic. All traffic is downloaded @ your home connection and then uploaded to your office connection over SSH.

  6. Chetan Says:

    ur last para : Important for half download speeds: is a beamer
    its contradicting.. what are u suggesting ? and how does keeping very less upload speed at office improve downloads speed of torrent

  7. Kx Says:

    This is because, whatever you are downloading at office is first being downloaded and then uploaded to you.

    So if you upload at high speed from office, that eats into your download speed because whatever you upload is being downloaded at home.

    So keep your upload speed from office @ 5Kb/s. That’s the optimal figure I use.

  8. Pankaj Says:

    what if the ssh is closed in the LAN?
    plz give soln…….
    also how to find username and password….

  9. Kx Says:

    You mean to say port 22 is blocked ? I am sure 443 wudn’t be ? You can run your ssh server at home on ports which are open for you .. 🙂

  10. ecciuuu Says:

    well…leaving my pc running 12 hours is not so cheap…nice solution but not applicable whether you do not have internet at home.

  11. Aninda Says:

    I’ve been trying to use utorrent from my company’s network. It seems port forwarding does not take place. We use a http proxy for connecting to the net. Is there a way I can use utorrent? Your post is good but I can’t find a way to make things work.

  12. Tuck Says:

    Then is there a way to force my programs to use the workplace proxy within the LAN? The proxy is the only way to the internet.

  13. g Says:

    my putty session create a error
    can u plz guide me from first step to last for using torrent on lan

  14. mahmud Says:

    bro… you know a lot and hence jumping off more steps in between, and everything is bouncing here….

    can i really download torrents behind proxy, and please give me the steps… i am dyin…..


  15. kamal Says:

    i m not able to download from torrent web site…someone told me that in college campus u cant use torrent becoz of low speed…but some students are still downloading from torrent..i thnk they r using proxy or some other way to increase their net speed…they r tellin anyone….can u people help me…..

  16. sammy Says:

    the dydns client or dyndns udater for windows is not able to resolve hostnames although i hv an account on dyndns..


    for the torrents u said to use openssh on the home server…

    i m in a univ behind an http proxy….how do i crt an ssh server and use the utorrent client on the same xp machine ?

  17. ov3rcl0ck Says:

    rTorrent pwns uTorrent in terms of resources. Mostly because rTorrent is command-line based. I use rTorrent for all my torrenting needs, it works great, its so much faster and SSH is implemented too. Also it runs on multi platforms(Linux, windows, OS X)!

  18. moeez Says:

    i am using LAN connection and cant download torrent files PLZ someone help me

  19. Avi Says:

    I have managed to get utorrent and vuze, cryptload seemed to work for a while then it stopped decoding the files, How can i setup this connection over a LAN? I want to download Torrents, what settings should i enter?

  20. rusty Says:

    so, do i need another pc to download torrents through proxy? yes/no

  21. dicox Says:

    know Kx if 1 hve control over on his lan router it wll b none other than lan admin ! n thats wat my problem is !!

  22. Hamman Samuel Says:

    Hi, found this site with a slightly less technical post (erm, just ‘slightly’):

  23. Ali Says:

    this method is worked
    i am used the DNS plus and utorrent and give me very good result.
    because the admin use the server Mikrotik and prevent the torrent download

  24. impat Says:

    I did port forwarding and installed Azureus and was able to download videos from Vuze HD network.
    But when i give torrent file from some other network it shows downloading , i see 0 peers 0 seeds in details and actual download doesnt progress.

  25. ankur Says:

    i m not able to download from torrent web site…someone told me that in college campus u cant use torrent becoz of low speed…but some students are still downloading from torrent..i thnk they r using proxy or some other way to increase their net speed…they r tellin anyone….can u people help me…..

  26. maria96 Says:

    if you can’t help us ,just go fuck yourself

  27. himanshu Says:

    hey friend I want to use torrent in my college campus but stuck behind the firewall .Can you please tell how to configure putty with utorrent.I will be highly obliged if you tell me about a free proxy server too.

  28. lapoki Says:

    plzzzzzzzzz kx frnd
    help me out here
    i want to download torrent using reliance connection (rcomwap) which iam using wit ultrasurf plz help out if theres any way possible 4 dwnld.

  29. hemanth Says:

    sir actually ….my brother is configuring the wiifii in the home ,and he restricts my access to torrent downloading through utorrent …..can u say some tricks to unblock this torrent downloader ……plz

  30. Harsh Says:

    hey dude, i’m staying in a place with many servers, and I donot have an SSH connection to our proxy server, but I have connection to another server

  31. sirish Says:

    i want torrent proxy number port random port and every thing for downloading

  32. flappy_genius Says:

    i ve been getting a big blank black screen and it says that network error: connection timed out!!!!
    help me sove this problem

  33. Ankit Kataria Says:

    Need Your Help ….

    My university has blocked all P2P programs including Vuze. I tried filling in the proxies in ” tools\options\connection\proxy options “… With the help of this I can download videos in the Vuze HD Network but not any other torrent files.
    Plz i need help, have searched many forums to get around this proxy .. but of no use. Plz HELP.

  34. kk sharma Says:

    how i use torrent on proxy node int

  35. daffodil Says:

    On campus I must have taken all their bandwidth and the IT manager put up a proxy.
    I have looked everywhere and the only answers I found were how to download the torrent file. This I can do, we can still access TPB or other sites and download the torrent files easily.
    But when the actual dlding is supposed to start (limewire, transmission, utorrent, vuze, all the same) it just won’t because the proxy blocks p2p transfers I guess.
    Any easy way to hack this? Any tips on how to dl a movie or an album in direct download?

  36. utkarsh Says:

    plz help me out yaar…….

    i cnt find any ssh in my bit tornt……

  37. sk Says:

    i am using ktorrent on ubuntu 11.04 using proxy can tell how to download from it. Ktorrent is showing me number of seeders and leechers

  38. 'Sohaib Iqbal' Says:

    Hi, Brother

    i am doing soft engg . in my university every non educational site is blocked . but somehow i got an ip ma my teacher and unblocked them.. but still i can’t run torrent (any) on my laptop in my uni lab.. i have implemented many of method, tricks to unblock it , but all in vain yet.. do you an idea?

  39. nikhil Says:

    i need help downloading torrent frm utorrent in my office thrz a proxy server 😦 i cant download any torrent files through utorrent or any client..i hav tried configuring the clients but my proxy dosent allows me 😦 HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a way to download torrents via an outside proxy? I’m using Utorrent if that matters.

  41. Pavan Jaiswal Says:

    Dude the method u told requires a ssh server capable of forwarding the traffic.Is there any free shell server you know that forward all traffic.I tried but it is not working.
    Any idea?

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  44. Ravinder Says:

    Hey man ,can you give me proxy like byepass proxy for university Wi-Fi but its download is limited to 50 MB only if have you have another then tell me immediately. You will be thanked for this.

  45. How To Download Behind A Proxy | buysaleitems Says:

    […] Proxy hacks – III. Downloading Torrents inside LAN, behind … – Oct 27, 2007  · Proxy hacks – III. Downloading Torrents inside LAN, … Downloading Torrents inside LAN, behind proxy. … Proxy hacks – III. Downloading Torrents inside … […]

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