Proxy hacks – IV. On Demand. Installing a web based proxy (phproxy) at your home. Install something like Useful for almost all blocked websites.

I am back from a small vacation, from a beach place called GOA. It was just amazing. Today we learn about web based proxies as anonymizer, proxify or kproxy and how to install our own.

So, Here’s today’s *durty* trick.

Due to little-complex nature of tricks shown in previous posts, I was getting too many mails regarding complexities involved. However for simple requirements as blocked websites, you can always get rolling without setting up the SSH tunnel.

All you need is to install Apache with PHP and install a simple web based proxy script. e.g. PHProxy or CGIproxy.

Here’s how it looks (Click to enlarge):


On ubuntu all you need to do is :

sudo apt-get install apache2
sudo apt-get install php5
sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5

On windows:


Next download PHProxy. Just extract these files in the your webroot folder e.g. /var/www/proxy.

Go through the readme files in PHproxy zip folder and customize your web proxy page.

After you are done, just restart your apache server and you are up and running at http://localhost/proxy.

To enable SSL port as well, use this command “sudo a2enmod”.When asked which module to load, give “ssl” and restart Apache. You should also be up at https://localhost/proxy (by default, to change /etc/apache2/ports.conf)

Just open port 80 or 443(recommended) as advised in previous posts and you have a private proxy running at disposal at home. At office just browse to to get started.

Only disadvantage here is that , through this you can only browse www, where as in previous tutorial we were able to run messengers and other programs over HTTP proxy.

This is similar to host of other web bases proxy sites as kproxy, etc..

You can customize Apache @ /etc/apache2/apache.conf or /etc/apache2/ports.conf

Similarly you can restrict access based upon hosts names, ips or networks using mod_access directives.

This is atleast safer that public web proxies, which would sniff whatever passes through them. If installed at office and used with Proxy hacks -II, you can even expose intranet sites on internet.

iPod tip of the day

Its known that using equalizers uses up more battery. However, it would use *still more juice* if your music is at encoded at higher bitrate. So, its advised to keep EQs off especially on higher bit-rate music 😉

19 Responses to “Proxy hacks – IV. On Demand. Installing a web based proxy (phproxy) at your home. Install something like Useful for almost all blocked websites.”

  1. Proxy Hacks - I. Blocked at workplace? Setting up a home proxy. Now browse all blocked sites and run all messengers. « Ubuntu, Life, Mobiles, Music, Movies, iPod and Ofcourse Windows! Says:

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  2. Jeff Says:

    What is the best standalone “full blown” proxy / anonymiser setup to be able to watch the full episode viewers on and

    I live in Japan, but I have a house in the US. At my house in the US I have a US cable TV and internet connection to support my slingbox. Currently there is no PC plugged in – just the slingbox. Are there any standalone proxy boxes like the slingbox that I (and only I) can control from Japan so that all the US networks think I am connecting from the US.

  3. Abhi Says:


    I cant access internet from office because we have a proxy in which symantec web sucurity is installed and it required authentication to surf. and not all users are allowed to access internet.

    So can you please help me in finding solution for this.


  4. Kx Says:

    @ Jeff

    I don’t think you have routers which can run proxy softwares. I know they can run as DNS servers, but never heard of them configured as proxy servers.

    Even if there were, I think they’ll cost more than a proxy-server-capable PC.

    Keep us posted if you find anything about such devices.

  5. zqyukf cdropuaf Says:

    cavufs yuvec mbsvi rnuhgq dsnwojhqf gbxs xrsjtkm

  6. oslodude Says:


    Did you ever find a solution? I am in Norway and want to do the same thing. I don’t want to buy a full-computer because the electricity required to power such a box is overwhelming compared to the needs. Has anyone set up a thin client as a proxy server (eg, use an HP5000 series device and run a proxy server… )? what are the minimum requirements for a proxy server hardware if to be used to remotely view streaming video from ABC.COM, CBS.COM, NBC.COM, etc? Have 10mbps internet on both ends.

    If not a traditional thin client, is it possible to hack a Slingbox to run a proxy server (either a sling box simultaneously used to run Slingmedia services, or separately as a dedicated proxy server)???


  7. Mahmud Says:

    Nice done and good job sir,

    but the thing is that i’ve got an shell account, its not a proble, its working, ok, but the is that, how to set it with my browser and torrent downloader,

    simply surfing is not a problem, my problem with torrent downloading, i dont know why its not happening with me.

    help me…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Someone Says:

    Is it possible to watch full episodes on ABC without a computer in the US?
    Simple I tried didn’t work.
    This is what I tried so far:
    – using, different combinations of options
    – using PhProxy with some automatic suggested (US) servers
    – manually changing proxy in firefox


  9. Dana Says:

    yea, I got a question um…does this aloud you do play online games that requires a proxy?

  10. Tushar Says:

    http://localhost/proxy requires Credentials.
    I do not have any username and pass.
    my ldap is not working here

  11. Tushar Says:

    “Authorization Required

    This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.
    Apache/2.2.3 (Fedora) Server at localhost Port 80”

  12. Tushar Says:

    IT does not work better way is your freedom.
    but can u tell me why it do not support utorrent insted of bitcomet.
    I hav an incomplete torrent download during vacations now in collz torrent do not work due to socks5 firewall.
    Is there any way except remote admin login???

  13. dude Says:


  14. gothstar95 Says:

    hey im on a school computer how do i get past the firewall because they have realy cracked down on notepad so i can not disable it with a code or gets passed the fire wall leave a comment if you can thanks or email me

  15. get on facebook at school Says:

    An anonymous factor server (now called a spider’s web substitute) by attempts to anonymize snare surfing. There are novel varieties of anonymizers. A given of the more mutual variations is the agape proxy. Because they are typically difficult to course, accessible proxies are especially profitable to those seeking online anonymity, from governmental dissidents to computer criminals. Some users are no more than interested in anonymity in behalf of added surety, hiding their identities from potentially malicious websites instead of instance, or on fundamental, to smooth constitutional kind rights of freedom of speech, representing instance. The server receives requests from the anonymizing agent server, and accordingly does not let in information forth the ending purchaser’s address. However, the requests are not anonymous to the anonymizing agent server, and so a inchmeal of certainty is grant between the delegate server and the user. Diverse of them are funded from one end to the other a continued advertising link to the user.

    Access repress: Some factor servers contrivance a logon requirement. In unselfish organizations, authorized users requirement log on to glean access to the web. The syndicate can thereby course practice to individuals.

    Some anonymizing proxy servers may along text packets with header lines such as HTTP_VIA, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_AFTER, or HTTP_FORWARDED, which may let slip the IP talk to of the client. Other anonymizing factor servers, known as elite or ear-splitting anonymity proxies, not number the REMOTE_ADDR header with the IP oration of the proxy server, making it manifest that the delegate server is the client. A website could unruffled suspect a proxy is being old if the patient sends packets which include a cookie from a whilom afflict that did not scorn the high anonymity surrogate server. Clearing cookies, and if possible the cache, would solve this problem.

    get on facebook at school

  16. maxinemckew Says:

    Web proxies are the arteries that carry the life of youth -facebook and myspace- to every office and school 🙂

  17. kashif Says:

    what do you mean by webroot folder
    plz explain

  18. microsoft office 2010 activator Says:

    It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this post as well as
    from our argument made at this time.

  19. Ahmed Roma Says:

    Reblogged this on Great **** and commented:

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