Skype 2.0 beta for Linux goes Video, “The great revolution” and I am smiling…

From skype developers

A great time is upon us. A time of change. A time of revolution.

In the past, we have struggled in a world of glass panes and fruits. Forbidden from seeing the world around us. Denied the possibility of showing who we are. But today, our eyes open. We’re not afraid to see, and we’re not afraid to show ourselves.

I am a skype enthusiast when it comes to VOIP. I use a windows mobile with Wi-Fi, edge and skype. I love skype. Specially the video quality that it can produce in a video call. I laugh at myself when I remember I was using yahoo webcam chat (LOL?), an year back. May be that was the only reason I was even keeping yahoo.

The great video quality skype had, I over used it and got addicted to it. After switching to Ubuntu 6 months back, I discovered Skype for Linux didnt have video. (Damn!!) . I tried every damn protocol that could support video on Linux (SIP, h323 with netmeeting, wengophone, ekiga and what not). The basic problem with them was they are not famous, so not many windows users use them. If people are wondering, why i didn’t mention yahoo (with gyachi, kopete having webcam support), its because I dont consider yahoo webcam as video. Its rather a series of pics every few secs (Again a big LOL!).

We cribbed, spammed, emotionally blackmailed @ skype forums with demands for video support in Linux. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming in near future. BUT Skype did it. Great job skype. Linux community, has got what it deserved.

Although its a beta, with some bugs. But it saves me from getting into Windoos for now :D. I do feel however that Skype for Windoos has already got bloated, and it will eventually become so for Linux as well. But who cares with so much RAM around. Atleast it will save me from RAM guilt. (RAM guilt : An uneasy feeling, of so much RAM lying unused 😉 )

Thank you Skype. You made my day.

Go get your copy here. There are some known issues, but they shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try.

Next : Waiting for Skype to come up with a Symbian port. That day WM looses my support 🙂

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