Local DNS caching – pdnsd. Reduce name resolutions times. Run your own caching DNS server. And there’s something about OpenDNS.

Often, I find, You hit a website and you see “Looking up http://www.zzzzz.com” in status bar. This becomes intensified if you are running a P2P software like torrents.

Often people enable host name resolution in torrents. With hundreds of connections and name resolutions, I often feel the rates of “Looking up … ” continuously increases. These are most definitely DNS name resolution delays. Running a quick sniff for a un-responding website suggests a name resolution delay.
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Airtel speed upgrades, Nice! And/But/Yeah, it still sucks!!

Back after a long time.

Here is the good news, My provider Airtel doubled the internet speed, to 512kbps from 256 kbps for the same rental. But wait and read more….

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