mp3splt – Split radio shows, online shows with cue sheets.

Ever stuck with those big 200 mb shows,  or single track CDs and felt bored of browsing through entire 2 hour track to reach for your favorite track? Welcome our hero, mp3splt.

This is a nice tool which lets you split mp3/ogg files. So people wondering what’s new about the splitting, It has a nice feature that lets you split files according to track information from cue sheets or even from cddb(Internet).
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Music Encoders, Formats, bitrates(VBR,CBR,ABR), codecs – LAME, OGG Vorbis, AAC.

High bitrates have become the fashion statement these days. Often you search for music online, you’ll end up with 320 kbps 180 mb albums. How much is actually enough? What gives you best compression? Time to switch to futuristic codecs yet? Free formats. These are few things we’ll discuss today.

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My new Camera – Canon A570IS, The fun begins.

So I got my first decent camera 2 days back. I still remember the days when I got my first webcam/digicam, Dlink DSC 350F , a VGA camera for 7000 bucks(rupees)(175$$$) !!!

And here I am with A50IS, for 9500 bucks (with 2Gb card and Sony 2500mah charger and batteries.)

As expected last 2 days have been eventful and I think I got my fundamentals working. Damnn photography is interesting.

Here’s a little bit of what I think might be useful to guys.
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