My new Camera – Canon A570IS, The fun begins.

So I got my first decent camera 2 days back. I still remember the days when I got my first webcam/digicam, Dlink DSC 350F , a VGA camera for 7000 bucks(rupees)(175$$$) !!!

And here I am with A50IS, for 9500 bucks (with 2Gb card and Sony 2500mah charger and batteries.)

As expected last 2 days have been eventful and I think I got my fundamentals working. Damnn photography is interesting.

Here’s a little bit of what I think might be useful to guys.

– Cameras are cheap online. They do give it with warranties.

– Get good batteries. Impatient as always I am, I got average 700mah NiCd (Nickel cadmium) rechargeable batteries in the run of blood which were no good for the power thirsty machine. Finally I got Sony, 2500 mah NiMh (Nickel Hydride) [Costed 1200 bucks]. I had hard time running them out. I think I shot some 400 shots with a full charge.

– I have just started but I felt its necessary to get your fundamentals right. Read the manual from start page to end page more than once. Note down important concepts. It was a steep learning curve. It felt like Neo in matrix, where he said, “I know Kingfu”. Aperture control, Shutter control, Exposure, Flash exposure, Manual focusing, ISO and what not. I was able to shoot basic tutorial shots, Car streaks on roads, blur backgrounds, water flowing effects etc. My next idea is to shoot a flying plane with lights leaving its streak accross the sky. Only thing that stopping me is an Tripod. That should be a decent investment.

– Then I took the next step. I got a custom hacked firmware for my model. And I am amazed on the feature set I have managed to add. Shutter speed overrides upto 65s, aperture size overrides upto f/16[I think this one is interpolated, My lens is f/2.8 to f/8.1), Custom ISOs, Custom video qualities and bitrates, all sorts of informations, exposure values on screen, battery information, live histograms[I missed it in the native firmware] and RAW support.

But the best part I liked was custom video bitrates. At 640×480, 30fps, camera was doing a bulky 110MB/min. I was able cut it to 30MB/min without much visible loss in quality. I could even achieve 10mb/min for a 320×240 giving a cool 600mb for 60 mins of video shooting.
OK if you are missing it already, here it is. CHDK

Here’s my first decent shot with the camera. This is my locality as it looks from my 5th floor penthouse. Click on image or here to view an another bigger scaled version.

The first shot

( Done on manual mode at shutter speed of 8s and aperture value of f/4.5). The image is good because, it was really dark. The inbuilt night modes (automatic modes) gave an average looking nighly image. Here’s how it was actually there. Default image.

On an opimistic note. See ya guys!
The experts can give their valuable advices, rests can get inspired to become one.

5 Responses to “My new Camera – Canon A570IS, The fun begins.”

  1. Anna S Says:

    Isn’t getting a new camera just great?!?! I just bought myself a Nikon D40x a couple weeks ago, and it was like Christmas all over again! Well actually it was a late Christmas present, but anyways, I did read the manual front to back, it helps a lot. I have been into photography for a long time, but was just unable to spend a lot of money to get a nice camera, but if you check out my website it is full of useful tips and advice for shooting picture. I am working on getting more content on there, but please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!

  2. Anunay Says:

    yes, decent cam.. u ll soon get bored with this one!

  3. Kx Says:

    Anna, Its funny how I thought a basic camera would suffice all my needs. Now I feel I should have gone for a better professional camera. But even then I feel A570IS is a nice camera for the starters. It gives you many professional features to learn about photography. I am sure I will end up spending more on cameras in future. 🙂

  4. Karthick Says:

    This is good stuff dude. I just bought myself this camera (actually that’s quite sometime back but recently only got to start using it) , if you have learned any tips since then please do post them!


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