mp3splt – Split radio shows, online shows with cue sheets.

Ever stuck with those big 200 mb shows,  or single track CDs and felt bored of browsing through entire 2 hour track to reach for your favorite track? Welcome our hero, mp3splt.

This is a nice tool which lets you split mp3/ogg files. So people wondering what’s new about the splitting, It has a nice feature that lets you split files according to track information from cue sheets or even from cddb(Internet).
Sounds good?

For people wondering what are cue sheets, have a look here.. Originally used for laying down information for CD burning, it has found a great use these days. With the advent of internet, most music I hear are the radio and online shows. Or how about the year end countdown shows.

The problem with these shows are they are available as single audio files for the entire shows. Well , you might like just a particular song in it. And you will have to browse entire file searching for that particular track. And even if you like a particular track so much, you don’t know the track information so that you could get it elsewhere. Or how about scrobbling your tracks.  I don’t do without lastfm be it my ipod or laptop. You definitely don’t want to submit those 20 tracks as one single track.

This is where cue sheets come to rescue. These are normal text files and contain information about tracks in a big audio file. Which artist, track number starts from which position. Cue sheets for your favorite shows are freely available on internet. For e.g. I get for my shows from here.

This is also where our hero mp3splt comes in. All you have to do is get the cue sheet for that show and run our cute little hero ..

mp3splt -c cuesheet.cue audioshow.mp3

And you have all the tracks separated out from the show. Delete the ones you don’t like, keep the ones you love and scrobble them all 🙂

It has more features than just splitting files according to cue sheets. It can do time based, silence based splitting and a hell lot more. Check out the features here.

There might be further need to properly set id3 tags for more efficient scrobbling.  I manage my Id3 tags using EasyTag which lets me set the tags based on file names.

Get it from here. Of course windows users are also welcome. There is a windows version available.

Ubuntu users just grab a terminal and do a sudo apt-get install mp3splt. People who love the GUI more can also install mp3splt-gtk from the same download page or here. Windows users go here.

Split all your shows and enjoy whatever track, whenever you want and of course don’t forget to scrobble them all. 🙂

Did you know : You can easily record online music/shows using streamTuner.

One Response to “mp3splt – Split radio shows, online shows with cue sheets.”

  1. xile Says:

    Nicely coded app – tested it with an episode of ASOT, worked like a charm. Brilliant!

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