Change default remote desktop port from 3389 to something else.

You can easily change the default remote desktop port from 3389 to something else by browsing to following registry key:


Double click this key, chose decimal and enter the new value. Restart terminal service port.

Why do this? Well if you expose your machine over internet for RDP, then its better to use a non-standard port. The moment I see a 3389 port open, my hands itch to try a few passwords.

7 Responses to “Change default remote desktop port from 3389 to something else.”

  1. Anunay Says:

    You back to Windoze?

  2. Kx Says:

    Nope! But we get paid because there is windowszs. And blog title mentions a bit of windows 😛

  3. FuryLibre Says:

    I had to change port becauz my ISP blocking all port above 1000. Can you beleive it ? Cannot reach this tag on Vista Ultimate.
    \Terminal Server\WinStations
    PortNumber key (Decimal).

  4. mememe Says:

    Sorry folks, but there is no answer anywhere on the web. When doing a search on the web, you see all these tards PROUDLY telling you where to modify the registry and use that port after the IP and colon. They simply copy and paste it from M$’s website and say I AM THE MAN. But guess what? IT DOESN’T FREAKIN WORK!!!! I tried it and it wont connect. Change it right back and it connects, so I know I am changing the right one. Anyone know of a solution (not copy and pasted from M$????????

  5. Anonymous Says:

    you have to change both machines

  6. Anonymous Says:

    also you may have to forward or open non standard port if you use a router

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