Right now, I am probably sitting (could be lying), staring at my computer/laptop or I am probably sleeping. I get very(very?) excited by weekends.I also enjoy most weekdays except Monday.

I am a budding Software Engineer (as they say it). I was(am) a budding stock trader as well.

Like most of our kinds, I love music and movies. My idea of life’s basic amenities is “Roti”(Food), “kapada”(Clothes) and Internet. I often find interest in things that I am told not to do.

Off lately I have rediscovered myself with Ubuntu.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. A normal insan :) Says:

    what a INTRO!!!!!!

  2. kx Says:

    Since he didnt leave his email, he’s a normal insaan from following location :
    34 Aund Road 4/F , A Wing , Server rm 1
    Pune IT Park
    Pune, 411020

  3. kavoor Says:

    Hi kakku,

    First of all I would thank you for this Wonderful blog with very useful information.

    I do not know where to ask this. So I am asking here.

    This is an awesome theme garland given by wordpress. For some reason or the other wordpress does’nt allow me to include the flickr, blog stats widgets in this theme.

    What might be the reason ?

  4. Kx Says:

    Why buddy? It lets me add easily. I just tried adding Blog Stats and it added fine in left sidebar. What problem you face?

  5. shri Says:

    Thx alot buddy ! u r gem.

    Just started reading your blog man, loads of information. Have u written anything on how to set torrent parameters to optimally use bandwidth? (if u have will find out ;-))

  6. Rahulb Gupta Says:

    OK. Kx will u help me out…………….. I am using airtel to access internet………..I found that using HTTP CONNECT method over airtel’s “airtelfun.com” access point does not deduct money. But all ports r blocked except 443 & 563. So I want some fast public proxy servers which run on port 443/563. If u would give me account of ur SSH server running on 443 I would be extremely thankfull 2 u or if u hv any computer with full access please run a socks proxy server on port 443/563 encryption not needed. Am using Saudi Arabia http proxy( now n most sites r blocked as it uses smartfilter like orkut,porn sites,cgi proxy etc…..

    Did u do B.tech/B.E as u r a software eng. In which company r u working n whats ur salary. M doing B.tech(C.S 2nd year). What should we do 2 hunt 4 a job as soon as possible as recession is cutting down jobs des days………..

    Please mail me at : officially.rahul@gmail.com

  7. eyes that can see Says:

    hey… why have you stopped posting on your blog… please continue it… have more hacks and proxy type of stuff….

    and sumthin like “Proxy in Ubuntu GUIDE “…. y0….

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