Airtel speed upgrades, Nice! And/But/Yeah, it still sucks!!

Back after a long time.

Here is the good news, My provider Airtel doubled the internet speed, to 512kbps from 256 kbps for the same rental. But wait and read more….

This is definitely a pleasant surprise, especially with these stubborn, foolish service providers who provide 8mbps plans and give a 4Gb cap. Yea, that’s correct I said 4gb. Come on, Can you believe that ? So if you leave your downloads on, you will use up the month’s limit in 1 hour 8 mins. Come on, what the hell. And the plan costs Rs 1299

Anyways, some soul manages to convince these ppl, and they decide to give up 384Kbps unlimited for Rs 999, an upgrade from 256kbps. Bravo!!

Now comes the reality check.

  • Nobody tells you that there is a plan upgrade available.
  • You were supposed to call, their stupid customer care(CC) people and get this information yourself, unless some holy soul like me posts it somewhere.
  • If you don’t get to know, you WONT be automatically switched.
  • Now, to switch to this plan, you can’t just call up CC and ask for it. You are supposed to send a mail.
  • Of course, I got response on third mail I sent.

Imagine, the similar thing that happened with me in past. My call rates had been Rs 2/min for STD all this while. At some point in time Airtel reduced the prices to Rs 1/min. But again, you have to solve a puzzle and find out this. You might call CC hundred times, but no one will tell you this. They will bet their life to hide this information.

So in effect, I was in the plan Home 999 which did not exist. The new plan name was supposed to be Home 999 Unlimited. Come on!!! So again, I was supposed to call CC find out the information and send mail(s) and if I am lucky I might get something that I deserve. The rental is same, everything is same just that in one plan the rates are double of other plan. Now which customer will opt for it ? And who are they fooling around?

So I paid up @ Rs 2/min for 6 months whereas call rates were Rs 1/min and There was no automatic call rates change.

So if I had been using Airtel for 5 years, I could still be paying at Rs 10/min. Why ? Because I didnt ask or tried to find. God knows if there is somebody who is using same connection for 10 years. He could still be paying Rs 20/min.

Anyways ! Bottom line is, “Airtel is best broadband / telecom company in India”. Now you can imagine the situation.

May God bless you and may you don’t get to call funny/interesting/terrible institution called, Airtel customer Care. Anyways whatever you call for, 90% of times the guys wont have any information about what you are talking about. After some time they will make you look like a fool that why did you even think of calling us.

I think Airtel is contributing beautifully to Bihar’s “Sabko Rojkar”(employment for all) policy. God knows. If they are, then lets really praise Airtel for taking such a bold step.

For more details on other plan changes and finding new stuff about airtel in general, keep yourself updated from the airtelbroadband forum, here

5 Responses to “Airtel speed upgrades, Nice! And/But/Yeah, it still sucks!!”

  1. Anunay Says:

    the funny part is tht they keep fwding u to diff depts until some dept cuts your call!!!! 😦

  2. Kx Says:

    Nope, The end conversation always ends like :

    “Sir may I confirm your alternate number?”
    “It is 9391616161”
    Nope, its 9704739666 [Comeon! everytime they confirm but they never update… :@]
    “ok Sir, Shall i confirm your email address”
    Yea, sure … 😦
    “v i k r …. ”
    yea that’s correct…
    “Sir you have been talking. ..” And i cant take more , – OK bye!! Cut it!!

  3. Anunay Says:

    he he he 😀

  4. SaS Says:

    Similar experience..
    Been on 512 kbps UL @ 1999pm when i realised that it is now costs only 1499

    New lowered rates applicable only to new customers.. Old, loyal ones will continue to be over charged through discontinued plans unless we keep looking up their website / calling up the dumb customer care every month or so regarding new tariffs/ plans and ask for a plan change thereafter!!

    (argument is- we are not charging CLIP charges of 49 bucks to old customers.. same logic holds good here)
    Where is 49 bucks and where is 500 !!

    They will not upgrade you to better speed for the tariff ur paying or reduce the tariff to currently applicable rates by themselves..

    Once you take a plan, you are stuck with it until a marketing executive tries to lure you into a ‘better’ plan ( for just 200 bucks more per month- when in fact, it turns out to be 700), and to his bad luck, acts as an eye-opener, making u look up their website!!

    They will not send you any alerts along with bill or on sms or email regarding new tariffs ( how can they send it to thousands of customers!!! )

    But they can bug you everyday without fail with recorded voice messages for Hello tunes and other crap

    The monthly bill doesn’t specifically mention the plan.. only says “Multiple” and states the monthly rental.. how smart !!

  5. chinna Says:

    Hi Dear,
    This is chinna how to hack airtel broadbond 256 to 512
    send me mail

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